Lets Get Started

Before you can start to save you must take a moment to look over your current expenses/bills. Are you paying for services that you really don’t need or can do without? Have you shopped around for better deals for your cable, internet, phone, and cell phone plans? This weekend I challenge you to compare prices for other service providers, call around and ask for any special offers or promotions. Make sure you also ask what the rates will be after the promotional rate. I found that most companies want your business and if you express your hardships they will try to work a plan that fits your budget. All you have to do is ask! And cut those unneeded services.  If you are serious about saving, you can do without them (at least for a while).
You don't want to be caught.... throwing your money away!

To get started we did a complete overhaul of our bills. We found many places we could start off our savings. Here are just a few changes we've made.  We were spending money on a lawn service, exterminator, and for the daily newspaper. We cut the lawn service, we are buying our own home defense bug spray (and spraying all around the outside and inside of the house just like the “bug” guy did, and using coupons for it!), and since we were really only interested in the Sunday paper we cancelled our service and we now buy the paper at the local dollar store when interested (otherwise most information can be found on the internet). These three changes have not only added to our bank account, but has helped our overall health. We are outside more actively working on our yard, enjoying the sunshine and burning off some unwanted calories.

What changes can/will you make?

Next week we will explore unique ways to save on that never ending electric bill. Come prepared with pen and paper, you will want to write this information down!